Rural turism with a capacity for 14 people
  • The farmhouse El Mas de Castelltallat

    This rural tourism house, in the category country house, is registered under the number of signature PCC-000089 in Catalonia's Tourism Board.

    Photo: Josep Comellas

  • El Mas under the holm oak

    Visual and acoustic excellence.

    Pets are accepted.

    Photo:  Josep Comellas

  • Detail of the main façade

    Photo: Josep Comellas

  • Bulwark with toys

    Photo: Josep Comellas

  • Chapel detail

    Detail of the unfinished chapel which is in the threshing floor.

    Photo: Josep Comellas

  • The house entrance

    An entrance with centuries of history.

    Photo: Josep Comellas

  • The living room

    The living room in the main floor has a floor of stone slab.

    Photo: Josep Comellas